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Post by =SoE=_CoolDude-ACI- on Mon 18 Jan 2010, 05:27

Pino 2 week ban because of continuously pillar leaning (braking 1 rule) constantly speaking German and French (braking 2 rules) then recruiting in away by saying...
French: denis je retourne sur ssg = English: denis I return ssg (denis is pinodegekko, who leaves the server at the same time) but pino did pillar lean and recruit before but i let him of so i think a 2 week ban is fair. Just post if you think not.
Screen Shot Evidence...
Pillar Leaning: ( i really took the SS to ask what are those body's are doing down there under the bridge)

Type of recruiting:

Ban Line:
={SSG}=Pino 15C8A846F3D1A12D3908DF64EBE83233



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