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AA2 Download Installer

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AA2 Download Installer

Post by =SoE=_SeeYourDoom on Wed 09 Jun 2010, 03:29

Considering the way the Army Game Project and the remaining Devs have turned their backs on the many loyal gamers of AA2 and will not release the Auth Server source code we have little option but to move our public server over to the AA2 2.5 format, luckily there has been a community at work on AA2 2.5 for many years and I am quite impressed with the package they have put together.

You can have 2.5 and installed, there is no need to uninstall anything, you can have both Very Happy

It uses your Battletracker Account for Player Auth/Honor/login and so you GET YOUR HONOR BACK! cheers (As long as you were registered with Battletracker) Stats and Honor are tracked and awarded as normal. This should be no problem for our clan as most are ACI Members and Battletracker was a requirement of membership Very Happy This also makes players bannable within the 2.5 system and so should keep cheating down, only time will tell if it maintains a level playing field for all.

New players can register for a Battletracker account to login and play. BATTLETRACKER

There are AA2 Installation packages for Windows, Mac & Linux with an integrated server browser, very nice Very Happy

Select the download for your operating system, it is a small download as you download and install AA2.5 from within it (a bit like deploy client but much better)

Everything needed to play is in the packages below Very Happy

We have our public server up and running now so get downloading and join the fun! Hooah!

Promotions have been made from our Clan members to Server Admin, this will be automatically applied when you log in to play

AA2 Windows Installer

AA2 Mac Installer

AA2 Linux Installer

Donation Link For AA2.5 Assist

TeamSpeak 3

=SoE= Server 1

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Re: AA2 Download Installer

Post by =SoE=_AngelOfDeath on Tue 20 Dec 2011, 00:11

Razz lol thanks guys


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Re: AA2 Download Installer

Post by =SoE=_CoolDude-ACI- on Sun 22 Jan 2012, 02:39

First post has been edited my Doom.



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Re: AA2 Download Installer

Post by =SoE=_CoolDude-ACI- on Fri 03 Feb 2012, 11:33

AA2.5Assisst Install Guid.

Hi, i'm showing you yet another way to play AA like normal. I used
to play AA 2.8.5 but since the discontinued auth, i started to play AA
2.5... Why? Because of a clever program called AA2.5 Assist. Assist
basically acts as a deploy client for the Americas Army game and brings
HONOUR AND AUTHORIZATION BACK! So what i reccommend for all you AA2
lovers is to simply use this program! It's by FAR, the best way to play AA 2.5.

1 - Download the program from if you haven't done already.

2 - Extract the file, you can do this with programs such as 7zip or WinRAR.

- Run the 25Assist.exe file (Note: Vista/Win 7 users may need to Right
click > 'Run as administrator' for the program to function properly)

- Assist will now prompt you to download or 'find' AA 2.5, if you
haven't got AA 2.5 click download and an automated process of
download/installation will begin. If you've already got AA 2.5 on your
PC then simply click 'Find' and naviate to your installation folder.

5 - If you haven't already got one, make a battle tracker account at - once registered, enter your details on the Assist program and click 'Login'.


you're ready to go, launch the program. You may notice that you're
honour is still 15, if you want to change back to your original honour,
register at and create a topic in the 'Honour Claims' section ( READ THIS TOPIC BEFORE POSTING IN THE HONOUR CLAIMS SECTION : ... e-posting/

2.5 Assist you don't need training to enter servers, but you can still
play them by clicking on the 'Training' tab. Find the mission you want
to play and then click 'Deploy'.

The 'Deploy' Tab is used to find
and join servers, all you need to do is left click the server name, and
click 'Join Game' at the bottom. You can also see which players are
currently on the server and its general settings.

The 'Stats' tab
will show your soldiers statistics (For aslong as you have had your
battletracker account) and will show your recent servers, time of play
and also, if you have registered a clan on your battletracker account,
your clan statistics

'Buddies' tab allows you to add battle buddies, so you can know when
they're online and which server they're playing on, so you can join them

'Settings' tab is for the general AA Settings, i reccomend leaving
these how they are unless you want to change the sound or visual
settings of the game. Click 'AA Settings' and then 'Deploy' if you want
to change the in-game settings of your account. You can also edit the
user.ini file for all your key binding needs.

The 'Help' section
is where you should turn to first if you have any punkbuster issues.
Click the 'Forum' if you need any additional help with the program, or
just post here and i'll try and help you as best i can.

The 'Server' section lets you manage your own server, for more information on this, visit the AA2.5 assist forums.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. If you think i missed something, let me know and i will add it to this post Credits to the people who worked hard in making this program!



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Re: AA2 Download Installer

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