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Vent info gimme gimme gimmee

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Vent info gimme gimme gimmee Empty Vent info gimme gimme gimmee

Post by Dr@gonn on Thu 17 Jun 2010, 08:30

1. Your In Game Name:-]B^A^M[-Frank (mite change it to -]B^A^M[-Dr@gonn 2moz)

2. Any Previous Bans? If So Why?: hell no

3. What Is Your Age: 17

4. What Is Your Real Name?: Vishal

5. Do You Have A Mic?: yh (i would be in my clan if i didnt buh it kinda fucked)

6. Do You Have Vent?: yup

7. How Long Have You Played On Our Server For?: 1-2 years

Any Other Comments?

all of ya know im clean and most of u know me i come and rape u all in the server when ever i feel i need to play the home map xD

Vent info gimme gimme gimmee -SSG-Dr@gonn-Sig


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