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AA 2.8.5 Petition!

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devs ect to keep supporting/updating aa2?

AA 2.8.5 Petition! Vote_lcap100%AA 2.8.5 Petition! Vote_rcap 100% 
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AA 2.8.5 Petition! Vote_lcap0%AA 2.8.5 Petition! Vote_rcap 0% 
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AA 2.8.5 Petition! Vote_lcap0%AA 2.8.5 Petition! Vote_rcap 0% 
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AA 2.8.5 Petition! Empty AA 2.8.5 Petition!

Post by =SoE=_CoolDude-ACI- on Fri 09 Jul 2010, 06:47

Would a petition to update aa2 make it so devs
other people would still update aa2.8.5?

like if we were to get 500 ppl or something to agree with a poll.

Its my clan mate's idea hopefully he'll explain it better than i did Wink
click here please! everyone! now!

AA 2.8.5 Petition! Cooldu10

AA 2.8.5 Petition! 2342050d4d3227da66

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AA 2.8.5 Petition! Empty Re: AA 2.8.5 Petition!

Post by =SoE=_SeeYourDoom on Sun 11 Jul 2010, 22:19

AA 2.8.5 Petition! Blank

SnakeDoctor-LSG wrote:

you will be lucky if obama dont kill this program.. you want a new game. AA devs and NASA have dev a new game on steam called MOONBASE ALPHA. pretty good multi player game

Doomster wrote:

No he didnt ask for a NEW game, just further updates for an existing very popular one.

At the end of the day AA in both forms are a recruiting tool, many of the targeted audience still either cannot or will not play AA3, so why burn your bridges Army Project? AA 2.8.5 Petition! Icon_confused

You have an existing Very Popular game (AA2) with most of the hard work already done.
Continue support for AA2, you know it makes sense. AA 2.8.5 Petition! Icon_biggrin

The gameplay of AA2 is so much better than AA3 I dont see it going quietly, at worst it will be continued by the community as with 2.5.

Shame the Devs didnt put their "Moonbase" effort into updating AA 2.8.5 Petition! Icon_cry

AA 2.8.5 Petition! Baron-of-Hell-swinging AA 2.8.5 Petition! DoomAA 2.8.5 Petition! Baron-of-Hell-swinging
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AA 2.8.5 Petition! Empty Re: AA 2.8.5 Petition!

Post by a_add!ct on Mon 12 Jul 2010, 00:10

AA 2.8.5 Petition! 68451 lol joke about stupid Very Happy

10 points for that m8 AA 2.8.5 Petition! 149913

AA 2.8.5 Petition! Custombanner-10973

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AA 2.8.5 Petition! Empty Re: AA 2.8.5 Petition!

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