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DhaRkO Empty DhaRkO

Post by REG_RUB on Wed 28 Jul 2010, 05:56

Current Info
Name: DhaRkO
GUID: 956135B2C095683B154DEBD76B31E2B9
MAC: Unknown
Last seen: Jul 27, 2010 12:43:40

Current Bans: ACI

Previous Info
Other Name: -S^K-DakoDa, DhaRkO, M3RFISTO
Other IPs:,,,,,,,,,
Other MACs: None

Linked Accounts

Violation History
[07.17.2010 05:21:51] |119207| VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9013: M3RFISTO (slot #2) Ignoring MD5Tool Queries [956135b2c095683b154debd76b31e2b9(-)]

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DhaRkO Empty Re: DhaRkO

Post by =SoE=_CoolDude-ACI- on Wed 28 Jul 2010, 09:08

Thank you for reporting this hacker REG DhaRkO Icon_cheers
[BANNED] DhaRkO 406198

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DhaRkO Cooldu10

DhaRkO 2342050d4d3227da66

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DhaRkO Empty Re: DhaRkO

Post by =SoE=_AngelOfDeath on Wed 28 Jul 2010, 09:29

DhaRkO 406198

DhaRkO Angelsoememberlogo
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Ikethe10 wrote:
8. Why Do
You Want To Join =SoE=_ ?:because ive been real lonley since my clan

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DhaRkO Empty Re: DhaRkO

Post by =SoE=_SeeYourDoom on Thu 29 Jul 2010, 06:24

Enemy Spotted!

Thanks Reg DhaRkO 149913

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DhaRkO Empty Re: DhaRkO

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