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Application For Mind

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Application For Mind Empty Application For Mind

Post by Mind on Sun 26 Sep 2010, 23:10

hi lol Very Happy

1. Your In-Game Name: [S.EF^Mind.ldr (clan with friends.. will leave and change tag when accepted)

2. Have You Got Any Other Accounts? If So Please List: Mindofunknow , honor 22 or so (noob acc)

3. Player GUID: C087AC272B7010A39B312C7BF4908E4B

4. Any Previous Bans? If So Why? And Please List:

ProSaw FBD9128332164CD62DEFD9D3A6C02884 00:13:D4:FA:12:XX 2009-09-17 17:03:46 GMT[/color]

Why?: Cause i was so stupid that i hacked a year ago.. (i quitted the hacking after an year even it was for 5 minutes LOL

5. Age: 16

6. Real Name: Davy

7. Do You Have A Mic?: Yes

8. Why Do You Want To Join =SoE=_ ?: cause i'm 1. Lonely 2. friendly 3. Bored so need some partners to play with Razz

9. Do You Have Vent?: no, but i can get.

10. You In-Game Honor: 73

11. How Long Have You Played On Our Server(s) For?: few weeks.. just have been playing with cool dude also.. (but i need the new IP's Razz)

12. Any Previous Clans? If So Please List: None..

13. What could you offer to =SoE=_ ?: a friendly member that plays as much as he can.. great company..

14. Any Other Comments: Deny me and i spanck u =}

Blood Bath Brother Cool Dude ^^


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Application For Mind Empty Re: Application For Mind

Post by =SoE=_AngelOfDeath on Mon 27 Sep 2010, 01:00

good luck.

Application For Mind Angelsoememberlogo
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Ikethe10 wrote:
8. Why Do
You Want To Join =SoE=_ ?:because ive been real lonley since my clan

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