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Black Screenshots advice

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Black Screenshots advice Empty Black Screenshots advice

Post by =SoE=_SeeYourDoom on Sun 01 Nov 2009, 02:30

Returning black screenshots will lead to server admins looking very closely at you and your game play/history.
Some will ban you until they are fixed. ATI & NVIDEA cards have different problems that cause this but so do many hacks and cheats. You dont want to be in this category so heres some advice to try and get your SS working clean & green.

Firstly make sure you have the latest available driver for your video card installed.

Secondly Alt & Tabbing or otherwise minimising the game during play will return you a black SS, sometimes it stays like that where you have Alt Tabbed once and will continue to give out black SS for the remainder of the game. Other times the SS returns ok after you maximise the game again. So try not Tabbing out.

Read these links which offer advice=

Black SS Fix 1

Black SS Fix 2

Black Screenshots advice 149913

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