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We are a clan that plays America's Army 2.5.0, on Bridge Crossing. Mainly.
Cya on the Bridge! Hoooah!

[j.t]-walter [BANNED]

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[j.t]-walter [BANNED] Empty [j.t]-walter [BANNED]

Post by =SoE=_CoolDude-ACI- on Wed 16 Dec 2009, 05:51

Ban Lines:

[j.t]-walter 9DFADEF13E38FC3BD7631D5F759C1E1F
[j.t]-Crylic B2E133DB5E92EFB14C9FC8F9EBA77D50
azarras 5C4EDC1F62BA6D4D82A703408F7D6847
l-=AlbinoBurrito=-l 587C3C5C5356959CA78F813D3A2F4496
I-=AlbinoBurrito=-l 871989EB75EC2DD82D6C634E9E7F4A5A

linked to [j.t]FreedomFighter
Current Bans: AON

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