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Fallout New Vegas Base ID's For Every Item In The Game

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Fallout New Vegas Base ID's For Every Item In The Game

Post by =SoE=_SeeYourDoom on Fri 22 Apr 2011, 22:47

Fallout: New Vegas Base ID Spreadsheet

So now that the new Fallout: New Vegas has been released, we need a list of so called Base ID‘s of all items in the game. These are most often (if not always) used to spawn any item in-game via the console.

Fallout New Vegas Base ID Spreadsheet

It should be noted that using Console in the Steam version of the game (As opposed to the D2D version) will stop achivements for that session of play only To get around this, use the console as you like, save, exit game, reload the save & achievements are back to normal Very Happy

Spawning items via console
To spawn an item in-game, open the console by hitting the “~” (tilde) key or " ¬ " (The one above Tab), then type in:

player.additem [BaseID] [Number]You need to replace [BaseID] with the base id of the item you wish to spawn, and [Number] with the quantity of the item you wish to spawn. (In this case, in your inventory)

E.g. If I want to spawn some .308 Rounds I look up the Base ID and find it to be 0006B53C, I then hit the “~” key and type:

player.additem 0006B53C 10 And hit enter. Now I would receive 10 .308 Rounds.

Extracted list
The first part of the spreadsheet, is an extracted list optimized for printing, with all the most commonly used items (ammunition, weapon mods and weapons).

Complete list
The second part of the spreadsheet, is a complete list of all items in the game with rows for the Base ID (called Form ID here), Editor ID, Type and Name, all of which is filterable via the drop-down boxes for quick access to specific types of items.

The list tabs are bottom left Very Happy

From here you can find e.g. all armor items by filtering Type to “ARMO”.

List of NPC’s
Altough the primary purpose of the list is for item codes, the list actually contains a lot more data than that. If you switch to the “Complete list” sheet, you will have access to a large amount of Form ID codes for various things in the game, such as NPC’s. All you have to do is select the appropriate type from the dropdown menu of the “Type” field, so say you are seeking a NPC Form ID, you shall select the “NPC_” type. The type names are from within the G.E.C.K utility, so they are all shortened to four letter words, some are easy to guess (such as “NPC_”) while others are a bit more tricky (like “RCCT”).

Interesting types of Form ID names, are:

•ALCH – Items used in alchemy (like “Human Flesh”, “Hydra” etc.)
•ARMO – Armors, Gloves etc.
•BOOK – Well, books
•CCRD – Playing cards (if you ever wanted a complete set)
•CDCK – Complete decks
•CELL – Names of the cells (places) in the game
•CMNY – Various currency items (like NCR $)
•KEYM – Various keys for accessing stuff
•NPC_ – All standard game NPC’s
•PERK – Well all the perks you can acquire

Those are the most interesting, but there are plenty of stuff in there, just waiting to be discovered.


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Re: Fallout New Vegas Base ID's For Every Item In The Game

Post by =SoE=_AngelOfDeath on Sat 23 Apr 2011, 00:33

i have 100+ hours in NV now and i barley even started main quests. BOS= my idlols forever. hahha, i have the ps3 version. so no consol commands for me.


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